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Sebastian, King of Portugal, invades Morocco 1578 T Note
Timbuktu captured by Moroccan troops 1591 T Note
Louis XIV takes Boucham 1676 T Note
British abandon Tangiers to the Moors 1684 T Note
Algerian resistance leader takes refuge in Morocco 1841 T Note
French begin hostilities against Morocco 1844 T Note
Spain declares war against the Moors in Morocco 1859 T Note
Rif War - Second Moroccan War 1893 - 1894 T Note
Count Muraviev's advice about South African War rejected 1900 T Note
French fleet bombards Casablanca 1907 T Note
Casablanca incident 1908 T Note
German gunboat Panther arrives in Agadir 1911 T Note
Russia warns Germany she supports France 1911 T Note
Germans first use poison gas on Western Front 1915 T Note
Anti-French riots 1955 T Note

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