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British defeat U.S. at Queenston Heights 1812 T Note
U.S. force captures York 1813 T Note
U.S. occupy Fort St. George 1813 T Note
U.S. successes on Lake Erie 1813 T Note
Battle of the Thames, Canada 1814 T Note
British suppress Canadian revolts in Ontario and Quebec 1837 T Note
Revolt in Upper Canada under William Lyon Mackenzie 1837 T Note
Mackenzie sets up provisional government for Upper Canada 1837 T Note
Canadian government forces burn US steamer Caroline 1837 T Note
William Lyon Mackenzie is arrested in USA 1838 T Note
Rebellion in Montreal against British rule 1849 T Note
French-Indian rebellion in western Canada 1869 T Note
Canada purchases territories in north-west from Hudson Bay Company 1869 T Note
Fenian attack on Quebec fails 1870 T Note
Canadian and Australian Volunteers land in South Africa 1899 T Note
First Canadian troops land in England 1914 T Note
Battle of St. Julien 1915 T Note
In battle of Arras British third army advances 4 miles 1917 T Note
British offensive near Ypres 1917 T Note
Canadians and British capture Passchendaele Ridge 1917 T Note

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