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Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession 1688 - 1697 T
First French and Indian war begins 1689 T Note
Captain Kidd battles pirates 1696 T Note
War of the Spanish Succession 1702 - 1714 T
Second French and Indian War - also known as Queen Anne's War 1702 - 1713 T Note
British plunder St Augustine in Florida in the war with Spain 1702 - 1702 T Note
French and Indian forces attack Deerfield 1704 T Note
Charleston is successfully defended against French and Spaniards 1706 - 1706 T Note
Battle for Nova Scotia 1709 T Note
British take Port Royal (Annapolis) in Acadia 1710 T Note
The Tuscarora Indian War 1711 - 1713 T Note
Slave revolt in New York 1712 T Note
Rising of Yamassees and other Indian tribes in South Carolina 1715 T Note
Spain occupies Texas 1720 T Note
The Stono slave rebellion in South Carolina 1739 T Note
Third French and Indian War - also known as King George's War 1744 - 1748 T
New Englanders capture Fort Louisbourg from the French in Nova Scotia 1745 T Note
George Washington arrives in Ohio country to counter the French 1753 T Note
French and Indian Wars: Anglo-French Conflict in North America 1754 - 1763 T
Battle of Jumonville 1754 T Note

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