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'Iran-Contra' arms revelations 1986 T Note
"Tet Offensive" in Vietnam 1968 T Note
A Boston crowd mobs William Lloyd Garrison 1835 T Note
Al-Qaeda founded by Osama bin Laden 1988 T Note
Al-Qaeda led attacks at US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam 1998 T Note
Allied forces land in Sicily 1943 T Note
Allied landing on Italian Peninsula 1943 T Note
American Civil War 1861 - 1865 T
American colonists in Texas revolt against Mexican rule 1835 T Note
American soldiers occupy Vera Cruz 1914 T Note
Americans abandon siege of Newport 1778 T Note
Amistad mutiny 1839 T Note
Anti-black riot in Atlanta 1906 T Note
Anti-black rioting in Springfield, Illinois 1908 T Note
Anti-war demonstration outside US Embassy, London 1968 T Note
Apache uprisings in the south-west of the USA 1861 - 1863 T Note
Apache Wars 1871 T Note
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 1865 T Note
Assassination of Fick, the 'Eire Ring' speculator, in New York 1872 T Note
Assassination of Martin Luther King 1968 T Note

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