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Navajo War 1863 - 1866 T Note
The New York City Draft Riots 1863 - 1863 T Note
The Battle of Gettysburg 1863 - 1863 T Note
Surrender of Confederate army at Vicksburg 1863 T Note
Battle of Chancellorsville: Confederate victory 1863 T Note
Confederates surrender Fort Hudson to Unionists 1863 T Note
Confederates defeated at Chattanooga 1863 T Note
Sand Creek Massacre 1864 T Note
Massacre of Fort Pillow 1864 T Note
The Battle of the Crater 1864 T Note
William Sherman marches Unionist army through Georgia 1864 T Note
Indecisive Civil War battle of the Wilderness 1864 T Note
Indecisive Civil War battle of Sportsylvania Courthouse 1864 - 1864 T Note
Battle of Atlanta: Sherman defeats Confederate army of John Hood 1864 T Note
Confederates abandon Atlanta, Georgia 1864 T Note
Sherman occupies Savannah, Georgia 1864 T Note
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 1865 T Note
Confederate Army surrenders 1865 T Note
Unionists take Columbia, South Carolina 1865 T Note
Unionist fleet takes Charleston after long siege 1865 T Note

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