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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 1865 T Note
Confederate Army surrenders 1865 T Note
Unionists take Columbia, South Carolina 1865 T Note
Unionist fleet takes Charleston after long siege 1865 T Note
Richmond, Virginia, surrenders to Grant 1865 T Note
Confederate force surrenders at Durham, North Carolina 1865 T Note
Jefferson Davis is captured near Florida border and imprisoned 1865 T Note
US Civil War ends with surrender of last Confederate army at Shreveport 1865 T Note
Klu Klux Klan founded 1866 T Note
Fenian attack on Quebec fails 1870 T Note
Apache Wars 1871 T Note
Modoc War 1872 - 1873 T Note
Assassination of Fick, the 'Eire Ring' speculator, in New York 1872 T Note
Red River War 1874 - 1875 T Note
End of civil disturbances in Arkansas 1874 T Note
Rebellion in Cuba leads to deterioration of US-Spanish relations 1875 T Note
Great Sioux War 1876 - 1877 T Note
Battle of Little Bighorn 1876 T Note
Chief Joseph's War 1877 T Note
Federal troops withdraw from the South 1877 T Note

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