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British naval forces attack Canton 1839 T Note
First Anglo-Chinese Opium War 1839 - 1842 T Note
Hong Kong taken by British in war with China 1839 T Note
Taiping Rebellion led by Hong Xiuchuan 1850 - 1864 T Note
Miao people rebel 1855 - 1872 T Note
Second Opium War; Anglo-French War with China 1856 - 1860 T Note
British fleet bombards Canton 1856 - 1856 T Note
Royal Navy destroys Chinese fleet 1857 T Note
Anglo-French troops take Tianjin in war with China 1860 T Note
Anglo-French troops defeat Chinese at Palikau 1860 T Note
End of Taiping Rebellion in China 1864 T Note
Tianjin Massacre 1870 T Note
Muslims massacred at Dali 1873 T Note
China and Japan declare war on each other 1894 - 1895 T Note
Regent of Korea declares war on China 1894 T Note
Japanese victory over Chinese at Port Arthur 1894 T Note
Japan surrenders Liao Tung peninsula and Port Arthur to China 1895 T Note
Russia occupies Port Arthur 1897 T Note
Britain threatens war with Russia but cannot find back-up 1898 - 1898 T Note
Tzu-hsi, Dowager Empress of China, seizes power and revokes reforms 1898 T Note

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