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Safavid dynasty in Persia 1502 - 1736 T Note
Shah Ismail of Persia drives the Usbeks from Khorasan 1510 T Note
Safavid Persians conquered by the Ottomans 1514 T Note
Selim I, Sultan of Turkey, begins to march his army towads Persia 1514 T Note
Selim I defeats Shah Ismail of Persia at Chaldiran 1514 T Note
The Turks occupy Tabriz, Persia 1548 T Note
Persia successfully excludes Turkish invaders 1597 T Note
A fresh war between Persia and Turkey breaks out 1602 T Note
Abbas the Great of Persia takes Tabriz from the Turks 1604 T Note
Murad IV of Turkey recovers Baghdad 1638 T Note
The Persians capture Kandahar 1649 T Note
Aurangzeb imprisons his father the Shah 1658 T Note
Rising of Afghans at Kandahar under Mir Vais 1709 T Note
Mir Mahmud of Afghanistan begins war against Persia 1722 T Note
Russians take Baku and Derbent from Persia 1722 T Note
Turko-Persian war 1734 T Note
Persia attacks Afghanistan 1738 T Note
Nadir Shah of Persia sacks Delhi and conquers the Punjab 1739 T Note
War resumes between Turkey and Persia 1743 T Note
Russia declares war against Persia 1826 T Note

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