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Russia declares war against Persia 1826 T Note
Tehran captured by Russia 1828 T Note
Beginning of Russian advance into Persia 1849 T Note
Britain declares war on Persia 1856 - 1857 T Note
Murder of Naser-al-Din, Shah of Persia 1896 T Note
Constitutional Revolution in Persia 1905 - 1906 T Note
Teheran rebellion 1906 T Note
Russia sends troops to Kazvin, Persia 1911 T Note
CIA-engineered coup in Iran 1953 T Note
Iranian militants seize American hostages 1979 T Note
Failed US attempt to liberate US hostages in Tehran 1980 T Note
Iran releases US hostages 1981 T
U.S. military attacked in Beirut 1983 T Note
'Iran-Contra' arms revelations 1986 T Note
Iranian airliner shot down 1988 T Note

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