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British occupy Cape of Good Hope 1795 T Note
War between the Boers and British in Natal 1842 T Note
War of the Axe 1846 - 1847 T Note
Harry Smith annexes country between Orange and Vaal rivers 1848 T Note
Boers defeated at Boomplatz by British forces 1848 T Note
Further Anglo-Kaffir war breaks out 1850 T Note
Kimberley diamond region annexed by Britain 1871 T Note
George Berkeley, governor of Cape Colony, annexes Griqualand West 1872 T Note
Kaffir War in South Africa 1877 - 1878 T Note
Zulu War 1879 - 1879 T
Battle of Isandhlwana: Zulus defeat British troops 1879 T Note
In Zulu War British troops capture Cetywayo 1879 T Note
Transvaal Republic is proclaimed 1879 T Note
First Boer War 1880 - 1881 T Note
Transvaal Boers under Kruger declare a Republic 1880 T Note
Battle of Majuba Hill: British defeated by the Boers 1881 T Note
Battle of Laing's Nek: Boers repulse the British 1881 T Note
Britain annexes St. Lucia Bay to Natal 1884 T Note
Britain annexes Zululand 1887 T Note
Cecil Rhodes begins colonising Rhodesia 1889 T Note

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