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Ali Pasha of Janina is assassinated 1822 T Note
Allied powers land unopposed in Crimea 1854 T Note
Anglo-French naval attack on Dardanelles fails 1915 T Note
Arab Revolt in Hedjaz begins 1916 T Note
Armenian Massacre 1915 T Note
Armenian massacres continue 1895 T Note
Army counter-revolution in Constantinople 1909 T Note
Battle of Alexinatz: Serbs defeated by the Ottomans 1876 T Note
Battle of Balaklava (Crimean War) 1854 T Note
Battle of Erzurum 1916 - 1916 T Note
Battle of Gallipoli 1915 - 1916 T Note
Battle of Inkerman (Crimean War) 1854 T Note
Battle of Konieh: Egyptian forces rout Turkish army 1832 T Note
Battle of Megiddo 1918 T Note
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note
Battle of Nezib: Ibrahim routs Turkish forces 1839 T Note
Battle of Zborov 1917 T Note
Beginnings of Armenian nationalist revolutionary movement 1890 T Note
Blockade of Crete by the powers begins 1897 T Note
Breslau and Goeben escape through Dardanelles 1914 T Note

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