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Bulgaria rebels against the Ottoman Empire 1875 - 1876 T Note
Turkish troops massacre Bulgarians 1876 - 1876 T Note
Siege of Plevna 1877 - 1877 T Note
Russians cross the Danube 1877 T Note
Turks capitulate at Shipka Pass and appeal to Russia for an armistice 1878 T Note
Bulgaria annexes east Rumelia and defeats Serbia 1885 T Note
Serbia invades Bulgaria, following the union with Eastern Rumelia 1885 T Note
Serbs defeated at Slivnitsa 1885 T Note
Bulgarians are forced to withdraw from Serbia 1885 T Note
Military coup d'etat in Sofia 1886 T Note
Internal Macedonia Revolutionary Organisation for independence is founded 1893 T Note
Raids from Bulgaria into Macedonia 1895 T Note
Stephen Stambulov, Bulgarian premier, is murdered 1895 T Note
Increasing disturbance in Macedonia 1902 T Note
Turkey promises Bulgaria to withdraw troops 1911 T Note
First Balkan War 1912 - 1913 T Note
Second Balkan War 1913 - 1913 T Note
Romania warns Bulgaria she will not remain neutral 1913 T Note
Central powers invade Serbia 1915 T Note
Romania eliminated from WWI 1916 T Note

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