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Allied powers land unopposed in Crimea 1854 T Note
Allies evacuate Odessa 1919 T Note
Austrian ultimatum to Russia threatens war 1855 T Note
Austro-German forces take Lemberg (Lviv) 1915 T Note
Babi Yar massacre of Jews 1941 - 1941 T Note
Battle of Alma: British and French troops are victorious 1854 T Note
Battle of Balaklava (Crimean War) 1854 T Note
Battle of Inkerman (Crimean War) 1854 T Note
Battle of Zborov 1917 T Note
British and French forces try to besiege Sebastopol 1854 T Note
Crimean War 1854 - 1856 T
Mutiny on battleship Potemkin 1905 T Note
Nazism and the Holocaust 1937 - 1945 T
Polish offensive in Ukraine 1920 T Note
Sebastopol captured by the British and French 1855 - 1856 T Note
Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina 1940 - 1940 T Note
The “Great Purge” in USSR [Great Terror] 1934 - 1939 T Note
The Holocaust and Shoah 1937 - 1945 T
U.S.S.R. offensive against Poland opens 1920 T Note

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