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Ali Pasha of Janina is assassinated 1822 T Note
Assassination of Count Capo d'Istria in Greece 1831 T Note
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note
Blockade of Crete by the powers begins 1897 T Note
British fleet blockades Piraeus 1850 T Note
British fleet ordered to assemble off Dardanelles 1853 T Note
Cretan insurrection resumes 1897 T Note
Crete rebels against Ottoman rule 1866 - 1869 T Note
Egyptian forces begin to subdue the Morea region 1825 T Note
France and Britain occupy Piraeus 1854 T Note
France occupies Ionian Islands 1797 T Note
Garrison in Athens revolts and forces King Otto I to resign 1862 T Note
Greece calls for intervention from the international powers 1897 T Note
Greece declares war on Turkey 1878 T Note
Greeks nearly annihilate Turks at Mitylene 1824 T Note
Greeks set fire to Turkish admiral's vessel 1822 T Note
Greeks take Tripolitza in the Morea; Turkish population massacred 1821 T Note
In war with the Greeks, Turkey captures island of Ipsara 1824 T Note
Murder of Greek Patriarch of Constantinople by Turks 1821 T Note
Ottoman invasion of Greece 1822 T Note

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