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Arabella Stuart escapes from the Tower of London to Ostend 1611 T Note
Troops put down religious disturbances in Spanish Netherlands 1614 T Note
Maastricht falls to the Dutch 1632 T Note
Government of the Spanish Netherlands moves to Spain 1633 T Note
Duke of Lorraine tries to connect Franche-Comté and Spanish Netherlands 1634 T Note
Spain invades north-east France from the Spanish Netherlands 1636 T Note
Courtrai falls to French army 1646 T Note
French win victories in Spanish Netherlands 1655 T Note
Battle of the Dunes (Battle of Dunkirk) 1658 T Note
War of Devolution in the Spanish Netherlands 1667 T Note
The French army crosses the Rhine at Tolhuys 1672 T Note
William of Orange is forced to raise the siege of Charleroi 1672 T Note
French victories in Franche-Comté, Flanders and western Germany 1674 - 1674 T Note
Louis XIV captures Ghent and Ypres 1678 T Note
French take Trier, Courtrai, Oudenarde and Luxembourg 1684 T Note
The French occupy Liège 1690 T Note
French army defeats the allies at Fleurus 1690 T Note
French capture Mons 1691 T Note
The French capture Namur 1692 T Note
William III is defeated at Steinkirke 1692 T Note

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