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Elizabeth I gives John Casimir of the Palatinate £20,000 to aid the Dutch 1578 T Note
Elector Palatine refuses imperial troops passage through his territory 1618 T Note
English volunteers join the Elector Palatine's army in Bohemia 1620 T Note
Battle of Höchst completes the conquest of the Palatinate 1622 T Note
An English army sets off to aid the Elector Palatine 1624 T Note
English expedition in the Palatinate fails 1624 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden resumes his Palatinate campaign 1632 T Note
The Swedish army returns to the Palatinate 1633 T Note
A French army enters the Palatinate 1634 T Note
Richelieu arrests Charles, Pretender to the Palatinate 1639 T Note
French army occupies the Rhineland 1644 - 1644 T Note
Neuhausel surrenders to the Turks 1663 T Note
French troops devastate the Palatinate 1674 T Note
The Duke of Lorraine recaptures Neuhausel from the Turks 1685 T Note
The French occupy the Palatinate 1688 T Note
French devastate the Palatinate 1689 - 1689 T Note

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