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A plot to assassinate Maurice Prince of Orange is discovered 1622 T Note
Adam Duncan defeats Dutch off Camperdown 1797 T Note
An English army sets off to aid the Elector Palatine 1624 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army defeats French at Aughrim 1691 T Note
Anglo-Dutch army lands in Ireland 1689 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Dieppe 1694 - 1694 T Note
Anglo-Dutch bombardment of Le Havre 1694 T Note
Battle of Beachy Head 1690 T Note
Battle of La Hougue 1692 - 1692 T Note
Battle of Lowestoft 1665 T Note
Battle of Portland 1653 - 1652 T Note
Battle of the Downs 1652 - 1652 T Note
Battle of the Gabbard 1653 - 1653 T Note
Battle of the Texel 1673 T Note
Battle of the Texel (or Scheveningen) 1653 T Note
Belgian War of Independence 1830 - 1831 T Note
Blitzkrieg, Dunkirk evacuation, Fall of France 1940 - 1940 T
Britain declares war on Holland 1780 T Note
British, French and Dutch fleets attack Japan in Shimonoseki Straits 1864 T Note
Duke of York capitulates at Alkmaar 1799 T Note

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