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Adam Duncan defeats Dutch off Camperdown 1797 T Note
Belgian War of Independence 1830 - 1831 T Note
Britain declares war on Holland 1780 T Note
British, French and Dutch fleets attack Japan in Shimonoseki Straits 1864 T Note
Duke of York capitulates at Alkmaar 1799 T Note
Duke of York unsuccessfully invades the Netherlands 1799 - 1799 T Note
Dutch forts taken by British on the Gold Coast 1872 T Note
Dutch troops invade Belgium 1831 T Note
French defeat the British at Lauffeld near Maastricht 1747 T Note
French expelled from Holland 1813 - 1813 T Note
French troops invade Holland 1794 T Note
French troops overrun Holland 1795 T Note
French Wars 1792 - 1802 T
New French offensive in Netherlands 1793 T Note
Prussia yields lands on left bank of Rhine 1796 T Note
Revolts in Dutch East Indies 1894 T Note
The Dutch capitulate to Clive at Chinsura 1758 T Note
Van der Noot starts Revolution 1789 T Note
War between the Boers and British in Natal 1842 T Note
War of the Austrian Succession 1740 - 1748 T

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