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'English Armada:' Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris undertake an expedition to Portugal 1589 T Note
Arabs take Muscat from Portugal 1648 T Note
Battle of Ameixial 1663 T Note
Dutch war against Portuguese in Brazil 1657 T Note
Jaga War 1571 T Note
Portugal captures Goa 1510 - 1510 T Note
Portugal defeats the Moslem princes of north-west India 1509 T Note
Portugal defeats the Ottoman and Arab fleet at Diu 1509 T Note
Portuguese defeat Spanish at Elvas 1659 T Note
Portuguese in Brazil rebel against Dutch 1645 T Note
Portuguese sack Mombasa after its refusal to pay tribute 1505 T Note
Revolt in Portugal when Alfonso VI is banished by his brother 1667 T Note
Sebastian, King of Portugal, invades Morocco 1578 T Note
Second Zimba War 1587 T Note
Sir John Burrows captures a valuable Portuguese galleon 1592 T Note
Socotra seized by Afonso de Albuquerque 1506 T Note
Spanish are defeated by the Portuguese and British at Montes Claros 1665 T Note
Spanish expedition to support the Earl of Tyrone 1596 T Note
Spanish invade Portugal 1580 T Note
The Dutch expel the Portuguese from the Gold Coast 1637 T Note

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