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War of Mascates between Portuguese and Brazilian Indians begins 1710 T Note
Portugal loses Mombassa to the Muscat Arabs 1729 T Note
Revolution in Portugal is attempted but plotters soon arrested 1758 T Note
The Marquis of Tavora and his wife are executed in Portugal 1759 T Note
Boscawen defeats French off Cape St. Vincent 1759 T Note
Spanish invasion of Portugal 1762 T Note
Admiral Rodney defeats Spanish 1780 T Note
French Wars 1792 - 1802 T
Jervis and Nelson defeat Spanish fleet 1797 T Note
War of Second Coalition begins 1799 - 1802 T Note
Spain and France give Portugal ultimatum 1801 T Note
France invades Portugal 1807 T Note
Wellesley defeats French under Soult 1809 T Note
Battle of Fuentes de Onoro: Duke of Wellington defeats French 1811 - 1811 T Note
Revolution begins in Portugal 1820 T Note
Garrison of Lisbon revolts against John VI 1824 T Note
British forces support Portuguese Queen Maria 1827 T Note
British troops recalled by Duke of Wellington from Portugal 1828 T Note
Dom Miguel becomes King of Portugal in a peaceful coup d'état 1828 T Note
Dom Pedro takes Oporto with French and British aid 1832 T Note

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