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Battle of Villmergen 1656 T Note
Charles Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy, fails to seize Geneva 1602 T Note
France occupies the Valtelline 1624 T Note
Henry III gains Swiss mercenaries for defence against Catholic League 1588 T Note
In Geneva an anti-Calvinist rising is ruthlessly put down 1555 T Note
Louis XII attacks Genoa with a Swiss army to restore order 1507 T Note
Maximilian I and the Swiss join the Holy League against France 1512 T Note
Maximilian I undertakes failed expedition to north Italy 1516 T Note
Mutiny of troops raised by the Duke of Rohan in the Valtelline 1637 T Note
Papal troops occupy the Valtelline 1623 T Note
Peasants' Revolt breaks out in Bern 1653 T Note
Protestants in the Vatelline are massacred 1620 T Note
Protestants in the Vaudois district of Savoy are massacred 1655 T Note
Religious civil war in Switzerland 1531 - 1531 T Note
Rising in Geneva 1530 T Note
Swiss beat Swabian League at Battle of Dornach 1499 T Note
Swiss defeat the French 1513 T Note
Swiss mercenaries attack Milan 1512 T Note
Swiss occupy Franche Comté 1513 T Note
The Duke of Rohan expels the Spanish from the Valtelline 1635 T Note

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