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Battle of Villmergen 1712 T Note
Revolt of Abraham Davel in the Vaud 1723 T Note
French Wars 1792 - 1802 T
France annexes the Valtelline and Chiavenna 1797 T Note
France occupies Bern 1798 - 1798 T Note
Russians defeated by Masséna at Zurich 1799 - 1799 T Note
Austrian forces enter France 1813 T Note
Prussians cross the Rhine 1813 T Note
Sonderbund War 1847 T Note
Unsuccessful rising of Prussian royalists in Neuchatel Canton 1856 T Note
French Eastern Army crosses Swiss frontier and is disarmed 1871 T Note
German-Austrian note to U.S. for armistice 1918 T Note

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