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Aurangzeb annexes the Kingdom of Bijapur 1686 T Note
Aurangzeb conquers Golkonda 1687 T Note
Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession 1688 - 1697 T
Dutch take Pondicherry after siege 1693 T Note
War of Succession between Bahadur's four sons in India 1712 T Note
Nadir Shah of Persia sacks Delhi and conquers the Punjab 1739 T Note
French take Madras (south-east India) from the British 1746 T Note
French and Indian forces oust British from Adyar 1746 T Note
The French conquer Madras 1746 T Note
French raise British siege of Pondicherry 1748 T Note
Clive defeats Dupleix at Arni 1751 T Note
British conquest of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1756 - 1764 T Note
British ousted from Calcutta by Mogul forces 1756 T Note
Battle of Plassey ends Mogul threat to British in north-east India 1757 T Note
British recapture Calcutta from Mogul forces 1757 T Note
French capture Fort St. David, India 1758 T Note
The Dutch capitulate to Clive at Chinsura 1758 T Note
French abandon siege of Madras when a British fleet arrives 1759 T Note
Battle of Wandiwash 1760 T Note
British oust French from Pondicherry, south-east India 1761 T Note

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