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The Danes occupy Bremen 1712 T Note
Battle of Storkyro leads to Russian domination of Finland 1714 T Note
Russians leave Denmark and occupy Mecklenburg 1716 T Note
Russian expedition to Khiva fails 1717 T Note
Peter the Great's son Alexis is murdered on his father's orders 1718 T Note
Russians take Baku and Derbent from Persia 1722 T Note
Outbreak of War of Polish Succession 1733 T Note
Siege of Danzig 1733 T Note
Russian troops take Gdansk 1734 T Note
A Russian army reaches the Rhine 1735 T Note
Russia attacks Turkey in order to regain Azov 1736 T Note
Russian successes in the Crimea 1736 T Note
Russians take Ochakov from the Turks 1737 T Note
Turkish army defeats Maria Theresa's pro-Russian forces 1737 T Note
Turks take Orsova 1738 T Note
Elizabeth becomes Empress of Russia after a bloodless revolution 1741 T Note
Empire declares war on Prussia 1757 T Note
Russian victory over Prussians at Gross Jägersdorf 1757 T Note
Russians retake East Prussia 1758 T Note
Undecided battle of Zorndorf between Prussians and Russians 1758 T Note

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