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Irish-American terrorists try to blow up The Times office 1883 T Note
Bomb on Wall Street 1920 T Note
Birmingham, Alabama, church bombing kills four 1963 T Note
U.S. military attacked in Beirut 1983 T Note
US Embassy in Beirut bombed 1984 T Note
Al-Qaeda founded by Osama bin Laden 1988 T Note
World Trade Center terrorist bomb attack 1993 T Note
Waco Crisis 1993 T Note
Oklahoma bombing 1995 T Note
Atlanta Olympics bombed 1996 T Note
World Trade Center bombers convicted 1997 T Note
Al-Qaeda led attacks at US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam 1998 T Note
Oklahoma City bombing 1998 T Note
Unabomber sentenced 1998 T Note
World Trade Center destroyed 2001 T Note

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