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War with Spain endorsed by Parliament 1656 T Note
Battle of Villmergen 1656 T Note
Spain declares war on England 1656 T Note
Swedish armies overrun Poland 1656 T Note
Sweden's Baltic regions are invaded by Russians 1656 T Note
Battle of Warsaw in the Great Northern War 1656 T Note
Turenne takes La Capelle from the Spanish 1656 T Note
Miles Sindercombe and other Levellers unsuccessfully attempt to set fire to Whitehall 1657 T Note
Mardyke captured by the Anglo-French army 1657 T Note
Condé forces Turenne to raise the siege of Cambrai 1657 T Note
Denmark attacks Charles X of Sweden 1657 T Note
The French take Montmidi in Luxemburg 1657 T Note
Dutch war against Portuguese in Brazil 1657 T Note
The Turks capture Tenedos and Lemnos from the Venetians 1657 T Note
Battle of the Dunes (Battle of Dunkirk) 1658 T Note
A Royalist conspiracy is discovered in England 1658 T Note
Spanish are defeated at Gravelines 1658 - 1658 T Note
Charles X begins second war with Denmark 1658 T Note
The Great Elector of Brandenburg aids the Danes 1658 T Note
Viscount Mordaunt attempts to organise a general Royalist insurrection 1659 T Note

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