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Battle of Storkyro leads to Russian domination of Finland 1714 T Note
A combined Spanish and French force storms Barcelona 1714 T Note
Tripoli becomes independent from Turkey 1714 T Note
Jacobite Rebellion (2) 1715 T Note
Rising of Yamassees and other Indian tribes in South Carolina 1715 T Note
Northern European alliance formed against Sweden 1715 T Note
The Jacobites are defeated at Sheriffmuir 1715 T Note
Battle of Preston: Jacobites are defeated 1715 - 1715 T Note
James III, the 'Pretender', arrives at Peterhead from France 1715 T Note
Prussians take Stralsund from Sweden; Charles XII attacks Norway 1715 T Note
Venetians are expelled from the Morea by Turks 1715 T Note
James III the Pretender returns to France 1716 T Note
The Emperor declares war on Turkey 1716 T Note
Prince Eugene defeats the Turks at Peterwardein 1716 T Note
The Turks lose Timisoara to the Empire 1716 T Note
Russians leave Denmark and occupy Mecklenburg 1716 T Note
Prince Eugene defeats the Turks at Belgrade 1717 T Note
Spain attacks Sardinia 1717 T Note
Lhasa is seized by western Mongols 1717 T Note
Russian expedition to Khiva fails 1717 T Note

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