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The Turks occupy Moldavia 1546 T Note
Rising in Transylvania on behalf of the Archduke Ferdinand 1551 T Note
Ottoman Empire gains control of Transylvania 1562 T Note
John the Terrible, Prince of Moldavia, is killed attacking the Turks 1574 T Note
Sigismund Bathory defeats the Ottomans at Giurgiu 1595 T Note
Transylvania revolts against the Emperor Rudolf II 1603 T Note
Protestants in Hungary revolt against the Habsburgs 1604 T Note
The House of Habsburg abandons Transylvania to Stephen Bocskai 1606 T Note
Gabor Bethlen captures Bratislava and advances on Vienna 1619 T Note
Gabor Bethlen retreats from Vienna 1619 T Note
Battle of Jassy (Iasi) 1620 T Note
Gabor Bethlen again invades the Austrian dominions 1623 T Note
Grosswardern, Transylvania, surrenders to the Turks 1660 T Note
An Imperial force take Grosswardein from Turks 1692 T Note
The Turks lose Timisoara to the Empire 1716 T Note
Turks take Orsova 1738 T Note
Austrian and Russian troops defeat Turks (2) 1789 T Note
Revolt in Moldavia against Turkish rule sparks Greek War of Independence 1821 T Note
Turks defeat Greek rebels at Dragasani 1821 T Note
Russians invade Danubian Principalities at Turkey's request 1848 T Note

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