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A Spanish force recaptures Bonn from John Casimir 1588 T Note
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
Battle of Krefeld 1758 T Note
Battle of Stadtlohn 1623 T Note
Bavaria and Cologne intervene in the war on behalf of the Emperor 1647 T Note
Bonn is captured by Frederick, Elector of Brandenburg 1689 T Note
Duke of Marlborough begins his march to the Danube 1704 T Note
Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Neuburg both claim Jülich-Cleves 1609 T Note
French army occupies the Rhineland 1644 - 1644 T Note
Imperial force besieges the fortress of Jülich 1609 T Note
The Prince of Neuburg seizes Jülich 1614 T Note
War between the Swabian League and the Swiss Cantons flares up in the Rhine. 1499 T Note

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