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A Swedish army defeats Archduke Leopold William near Chemnitz 1639 T Note
Austrian victory at Hochkirch against Prussia 1758 T Note
Battle of Breitenfeld 1631 T Note
Battle of Fraustadt 1706 T Note
Battle of Lobositz 1756 T Note
Battle of Wittstock 1636 T Note
Count Tilly invades Lower Saxony 1625 T Note
Count Tilly invades Saxony with 20 000 Imperialist troops 1631 T Note
Frederick II invades Saxony - start of Seven Years' War 1756 T Note
Frederick II takes Prague but is driven back into Saxony 1744 T Note
French, Bavarian and Saxon troops take Prague 1741 T Note
John Frederick of Saxony and Philip of Hesse invade Brunswick 1542 T Note
John Frederick of Saxony recovers his lands from Maurice 1546 T Note
Magdeburg capitulates to Maurice of Saxony 1551 T Note
Maurice completes his occupation of Ernestine Saxony 1546 T Note
Maurice of Saxony captures Linz 1552 T Note
Maurice of Saxony is killed defeating Margrave of Brandenburg-Culmbach 1553 T Note
Outbreak of War of Polish Succession 1733 T Note
Prussia confiscates territory of King of Hanover 1868 T Note
Prussian army defeats Saxons at Kesselsdorf 1745 T Note

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