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A force of Italians and Spaniards lands in Ireland to aid the rebels 1580 T Note
A French army begins the conquest of Artois from the Spanish 1637 T Note
A joint Spanish-Italian expedition against Algiers fails 1601 T Note
A ravaging Franco-Turkish fleet provokes a rebellion in Corsica 1553 T Note
A Spanish army from Catalonia invades Languedoc 1637 T Note
A Spanish fleet is defeated by the Dutch off Enckhuysen 1573 T Note
A Spanish force crosses the Pyrenees to threaten Bayonne 1523 T Note
A Spanish force lands in Brittany to join forces with the League 1590 T Note
A Spanish force recaptures Bonn from John Casimir 1588 T Note
Anglo-French expedition to dislodge the Spanish from Brittany 1594 T Note
Anglo-French force recaptures Brest from the Spaniards 1594 T Note
Anglo-Spanish War 1655 - 1660 T Note
Another Armada against England gathers in Spain but fails 1599 T Note
Antonio Perez, former private secretary to Philip II, defects to France 1591 T Note
Aztec capital captured by the Spanish and their allies 1521 T Note
Battle of Ameixial 1663 T Note
Battle of Ceresole 1544 T Note
Battle of Chupas 1542 T Note
Battle of Gravelines ends Spanish Armada's hopes of success 1588 T Note
Battle of Lagos 1693 - 1693 T Note

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