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Spanish mutinies delay Charles V's Turkish expedition 1538 T Note
Cardinal Pole fails to win Charles V's support for attacking England 1539 T Note
Spain annexes Cuba 1539 T Note
The Spanish begin the conquest of Peru 1541 T Note
Francis I fights against Charles V in alliance with Henry VIII 1542 T Note
Battle of Chupas 1542 T Note
Charles V arrives in Genoa to campaign against Francis I 1543 T Note
Battle of Ceresole 1544 T Note
Spaniards put down a Maya rising in Mexico 1546 T Note
Battle of Xaquixaguana ends the separatist movement in Peru 1548 T Note
A ravaging Franco-Turkish fleet provokes a rebellion in Corsica 1553 T Note
Battle of Marciano 1554 T Note
The Turkish corsair Dragut recaptures Mehedia from the Spanish 1554 T Note
Siena surrenders to Spain after a famine 1555 T Note
Spanish troops occupy the Campagna 1556 T Note
The French are defeated by an Anglo-Spanish force at St. Quentin 1557 T Note
Spain defeats France at Gravelines 1558 T Note
Turkish galleys rout Spanish fleet off Tripoli 1560 T Note
The Turks fail to capture Oran in North Africa 1563 T Note
Spanish troops force the Turks to abandon the siege of Malta 1565 T Note

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