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A combined Spanish and French force storms Barcelona 1714 T Note
Spain attacks Sardinia 1717 T Note
Spanish army sails for Sicily 1718 T Note
Admiral Byng defeats Spain off Cape Passaro 1718 T Note
Britain declares war on Spain 1718 T Note
France declares war on Spain 1719 T Note
French army enters Spain 1719 T Note
Spanish invaders are defeated at Glen Shiel 1719 T Note
Emperor Charles VI expels Spaniards from Sicily 1719 T Note
Spain occupies Texas 1720 T Note
Admiral Hosier blockades Porto Bello 1726 T Note
Spanish lay siege to Gibraltar 1727 T Note
Spain raises the siege of Gibraltar 1728 T Note
Spanish guarda-costas mutilate British captain 1731 T Note
The Spanish army conquers Naples 1734 T Note
The Spanish army wins the battle of Bitonto 1734 T Note
Franco-Spanish troops defeat the Austrians at Parma 1734 T Note
Spanish troops take Orbitello in Tuscany 1735 T Note
Spaniards lay siege to Mantua 1735 T Note
'Jenkins' Ear' debate in Parliament urging war on Spain 1738 T Note

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