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First Bishops' War between England and Scotland 1639 T Note
Scottish troops occupy Kelso near the English border 1639 T Note
English cavalry retreat from Kelso 1639 T Note
Scots defeat the English 1639 T Note
Charles I accuses the Scots of seeking to overthrow royal power 1639 T Note
The Scottish Covenanters take Edinburgh and key towns 1639 T Note
Charles I joins his army at York 1639 T Note
Second Bishops' War begins 1640 T Note
Battle of Newburn 1640 T Note
Scots seize English territory 1640 T Note
Charles I leaves London to face a threatened Scottish invasion 1640 T Note
Irish Rebellion: Confederation of Kilkenny 1641 T Note
Revolt in Ireland 1641 T Note
Battle of Edgehill 1642 T Note
Charles I fails to take control of the arsenal at Kingston upon Hull 1642 T Note
English ships breaking blockade of Dunkirk are arrested 1642 T Note
Charles I formally declares war 1642 T Note
Surrender of Portsmouth to Parliament 1642 T Note
Battle of Powick Bridge 1642 T Note
Royalists captured Brentford 1642 - 1642 T Note

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