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British navy takes Barcelona 1705 T Note
British raise siege of Barcelona by French 1706 T Note
Marlborough conquers Spanish Netherlands 1706 T Note
British and Portuguese enter Madrid 1706 T Note
Charleston is successfully defended against French and Spaniards 1706 - 1706 T Note
British are defeated at Almanza 1707 - 1707 T Note
British expedition against Acadia lands 1707 T Note
The Old Pretender arrives at Firth of Forth but soon returns to Dunkirk 1708 T Note
Battle of Oudenarde 1708 T Note
British capture Minorca 1708 - 1708 T Note
British take Sardinia 1708 T Note
Battle for Nova Scotia 1709 T Note
Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene take Tournai 1709 - 1709 T Note
Battle of Malplaquet 1709 - 1709 T Note
Marlborough and Prince Eugene take Mons 1709 T Note
British victory at Alminara 1710 - 1710 T Note
British take Port Royal (Annapolis) in Acadia 1710 T Note
British troops are defeated at Brihuega 1710 T Note
Jacobite Rebellion (2) 1715 T Note
The Jacobites are defeated at Sheriffmuir 1715 T Note

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