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War of Second Coalition begins 1799 - 1802 T Note
Revolutionary societies forbidden 1799 T Note
Duke of York unsuccessfully invades the Netherlands 1799 - 1799 T Note
Duke of York capitulates at Alkmaar 1799 T Note
Sir Ralph Abercromby achieved victories at Aboukir and Alexandria 1801 T Note
First battle of Copenhagen 1801 T Note
Britain seizes Danish and Swedish islands 1801 T Note
Britain declares war on France 1803 T Note
England fears French invasion 1803 - 1805 T Note
Second Mahratha War 1803 T Note
Wellesley defeats Sindhia at Assaye 1803 T Note
Spain declares war on Britain 1804 T Note
Battle of Trafalgar 1805 T
War of Third Coalition begins 1805 T Note
Napoleon’s Grand Army leaves Boulogne; end of fear of invasion in England 1805 T Note
Britain declares war on Prussia 1806 T Note
Peninsular War 1808 - 1814 T Note
Battle of Talavera 1809 T Note
Guadaloupe is taken by British 1810 T Note
Luddites 1811 - 1816 T

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