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Rebellion of Thomas Wyatt 1554 - 1554 T Note
The French are defeated by an Anglo-Spanish force at St. Quentin 1557 T Note
Calais captured by the French 1558 T Note
The French take Thionville from the English 1558 T Note
Lord Clinton leads an English expedition to Brittany 1558 T Note
The Earl of Tyrone surrenders to Queen Elizabeth 1562 T Note
The Earl of Tyrone leads a second rebellion in Ireland 1562 T Note
English troops occupy Le Havre 1562 T Note
Catholic troops capture Le Havre from the English 1563 - 1563 T Note
Lords of the Covenant rout Bothwell at the Battle of Carberry Hill 1567 T Note
Civil war between Marians and Lords of the Congregation breaks out 1570 T Note
Northern Rebellion ended by defeat of the rebel army in Cumberland 1570 T Note
Thomas Earl of Sussex harries the Scottish border 1570 T Note
Spanish plan an invasion of England 1571 T Note
English volunteers land in the Netherlands to fight against the Spanish 1572 T Note
The Irish rebellion is effectively crushed 1573 T Note
English army marches into Scotland to capture Edinburgh Castle 1573 T Note
Edinburgh Castle surrenders to the English 1573 T Note
Don John of Austria seizes Namur 1577 T Note
Elizabeth I gives John Casimir of the Palatinate £20,000 to aid the Dutch 1578 T Note

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