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France invaded by Imperial forces 1521 T Note
Imperial forces defeat France at Bicocca 1522 T Note
England declares war against France and Scotland 1522 T Note
The imperialists drive the French from Genoa 1522 T Note
Treaty of Windsor between Charles V and Henry VIII plans a joint invasion of France 1522 T Note
English force under the Duke of Suffolk ravages Normandy and Picardy 1522 T Note
An English army lands in France for a joint attack with Imperial forces 1523 T Note
The French army under Admiral Bonnivet crosses the River Ticino 1523 T Note
The Duke of Albany arrives from France and begins to rally the Scots 1523 T Note
A Spanish force crosses the Pyrenees to threaten Bayonne 1523 T Note
English expedition to France fails 1523 T Note
The French under Bonnivet are forced to abandon the siege of Milan 1523 T Note
The French army in Lombardy retreats 1524 T Note
Imperial troops recover Fuenterrabia 1524 T Note
France, Spain and England refuse the Pope's offer of peace negotiations 1524 T Note
French are defeated by Imperial troops at Battle of the Sesia 1524 T Note
The exiled Duke of Bourbon expels Admiral Bonnivet from Milan 1524 T Note
French are driven out of Lombardy 1524 T Note
Henry VIII and Charles V form a league for a fresh attack on France 1524 T Note
The Duke of Bourbon invades Provence 1524 T Note

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