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French commander St Pol is captured 1529 T Note
Francis I of France conquers Savoy 1536 T Note
Spain invades Provence 1536 T Note
The Count of Nassau occupies Guise 1536 T Note
Charles V abandons the siege of Marseilles 1536 T Note
The Count of Nassau is forced to abandon the siege of Peronne 1536 T Note
The French invade Italy and advance as far as Rivoli 1537 T Note
Francis I invades Artois 1537 T Note
Ghent refuses to pay a subsidy for Charles V's war with France 1537 T Note
Francis I fights against Charles V in alliance with Henry VIII 1542 T Note
England at war with France 1543 T Note
Charles V arrives in Genoa to campaign against Francis I 1543 T Note
Henry VIII declares war on France 1543 T Note
Francis I invades Luxembourg 1543 T Note
English and imperial armies attempt to besiege Landrecies 1543 T Note
Battle of Ceresole 1544 T Note
Barbarossa sails from Toulon for Constantinople 1544 T Note
Charles V invades Champagne 1544 T Note
Henry VIII joins the campaign against Francis I 1544 T Note
Joint imperial and English armies take St. Dizier and threaten Paris 1544 T Note

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