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Henry II of France begins campaigning in Italy against Charles V 1551 T Note
Metz, Verdun and Toul occupied by the French 1552 T Note
Henry II returns to Verdun at threats from Mary of Hungary 1552 T Note
Charles V attempts to lay siege to Metz 1552 T Note
Charles V retires from Metz and returns to Brussels 1553 T Note
Charles V captures Terouanne from the French 1553 T Note
A ravaging Franco-Turkish fleet provokes a rebellion in Corsica 1553 T Note
Battle of Marciano 1554 T Note
Henry II of France invades the Netherlands 1554 T Note
Henry II of France renews war against the Hapsburgs in Italy 1556 T Note
The French invade Italy 1556 T Note
The French are defeated by an Anglo-Spanish force at St. Quentin 1557 T Note
Calais captured by the French 1558 T Note
Spain defeats France at Gravelines 1558 T Note
The French take Thionville from the English 1558 T Note
Lord Clinton leads an English expedition to Brittany 1558 T Note
First civil war in the French Wars of Religion 1562 - 1563 T Note
English troops occupy Le Havre 1562 T Note
Battle of Dreux 1562 T Note
Catholic troops capture Le Havre from the English 1563 - 1563 T Note

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