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A Danish-Swedish army defeats the troops of Lubeck at Battle of Assens 1535 T Note
A joint expedition from German states is made against Munster 1535 T Note
A Spanish force recaptures Bonn from John Casimir 1588 T Note
Albert of Bavaria-Munich defeats Rupert of the Palatinate 1504 T Note
An English army sets off to aid the Elector Palatine 1624 T Note
An imperial army enters Bohemia to defeat the rebels 1618 T Note
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
Andrea and Fillipino Doria defect to the Emperor 1528 T Note
Archduke Leopold of Austria is expelled from Jülich 1610 T Note
Army to support the French Huguenots crosses the River Loire 1569 T Note
Augsburg and Strasbourg submit to Charles V 1547 T Note
Battle of Ceresole 1544 T Note
Battle of Dormans: Catholics defeat the Protestants 1575 T Note
Battle of Höchst completes the conquest of the Palatinate 1622 T Note
Battle of Marciano 1554 T Note
Battle of Muhlberg 1547 T Note
Battle of Nancy 1477 T Note
Battle of Salins 1493 T Note
Battle of Stadtlohn 1623 T Note
Battle of Wiesloch 1622 T Note

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