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Battle of Nancy 1477 T Note
Peasants' revolt in Kempten is crushed 1492 T Note
Battle of Salins 1493 T Note
Maximilian asks German princes to aid him against the French in Italy 1495 T Note
Maximilian I leads an army to oust the remaining French from Italy 1496 T Note
Emperor Maximilian leaves Italy 1496 T Note
War between the Swabian League and the Swiss Cantons flares up in the Rhine. 1499 T Note
Maximilian I is aided by an army from Nuremberg 1499 T Note
Swiss beat Swabian League at Battle of Dornach 1499 T Note
Philip the Handsome gives up Friesland to Albert of Saxony 1499 T Note
Maximilian I summons the German princes to join him on a crusade 1502 T Note
War of succession between Bavaria and the Palatinate 1503 T Note
Albert of Bavaria-Munich defeats Rupert of the Palatinate 1504 T Note
Maximilian I defeats Rupert of the Palatinate near Regensberg 1504 T Note
Maximilian takes Kufstein in the Tyrol to aid Duke of Bavaria-Munich 1504 T Note
Maximilian I attacks Venice 1508 T Note
Maximilian I retreats from Italy for the Tyrol 1509 T Note
Ships of the Lubeck Hansa capture a Netherlands trading fleet 1511 T Note
Maximilian I and the Swiss join the Holy League against France 1512 T Note
Peasants' Revolts in the Black Forest and Wurttemberg 1513 T Note

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