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Ulrich, Duke of Wurttemburg, attacks the free city of Reutlingen 1519 T Note
The Swabian League expels Ulrich Duke of Wurttemburg from his duchy 1519 T Note
France invaded by Imperial forces 1521 T Note
Imperial forces defeat France at Bicocca 1522 T Note
Lubeck declares war on Denmark and lays waste to Bornholm 1522 T Note
Martin Luther condemns the religious riots in Saxony 1522 T Note
The imperialists drive the French from Genoa 1522 T Note
Treaty of Windsor between Charles V and Henry VIII plans a joint invasion of France 1522 T Note
War of the German Knights against the bishoprics begins 1522 T Note
Franz von Sickingen and Ulrich von Hutton lose War of the German Knights 1523 T Note
Imperial troops recover Fuenterrabia 1524 T Note
French are defeated by Imperial troops at Battle of the Sesia 1524 T Note
Henry VIII and Charles V form a league for a fresh attack on France 1524 T Note
Imperial forces defeat France; Francis I is captured 1525 T Note
The Peasants' Revolt in south Germany is suppressed 1525 T Note
Charles V gains Milan 1526 T Note
Pope Clement VII surrenders to the imperialists 1527 T Note
Andrea and Fillipino Doria defect to the Emperor 1528 T Note
Martin Luther advises the Protestant princes not to compromise 1530 T Note
Schmalkaldic League plans a military campaign against Charles V 1531 T Note

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