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Philip of Hesse defeats Ferdinand of Austria at Laufen 1534 - 1534 T Note
The Counts' War breaks out over succession to Gotland and Helsingborg 1534 T Note
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
A joint expedition from German states is made against Munster 1535 T Note
A Danish-Swedish army defeats the troops of Lubeck at Battle of Assens 1535 T Note
Munster capitulates to the Hessian army and Catholicism is restored 1535 T Note
Charles V enters Naples 1535 T Note
Christian III's navy end the era of Hanseatic sea-power 1535 T Note
Francis I fights against Charles V in alliance with Henry VIII 1542 T Note
Joachim of Brandenburg attacks Turkey 1542 T Note
John Frederick of Saxony and Philip of Hesse invade Brunswick 1542 T Note
The imperial campaign against the Turks in Hungary fails 1542 T Note
Battle of Ceresole 1544 T Note
Henry VIII joins the campaign against Francis I 1544 T Note
Joint imperial and English armies take St. Dizier and threaten Paris 1544 T Note
Pope Paul III undertakes to aid Charles V with 12,000 men 1546 T Note
The Schmalkaldic League takes the imperial city of Donauwörth 1546 T Note
Charles V's army bolstered from troops from Netherlands 1546 T Note
Maurice completes his occupation of Ernestine Saxony 1546 T Note
John Frederick of Saxony recovers his lands from Maurice 1546 T Note

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