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Johan Banér attacks Regensburg; almost captures the Emperor 1641 T Note
Battle of Wolfenbüttel 1641 T Note
Battle of Kempten 1642 T Note
Battle at Schweidnitz 1642 T Note
Second battle of Breitenfeld 1642 T Note
Austro-Bavarian army defeat French at Tuttlingen 1643 T Note
French army occupies the Rhineland 1644 - 1644 T Note
French capture Philippsburg 1644 T Note
French take Mainz 1644 T Note
Imperial army defeated at Jankowitz 1645 T Note
Turenne is defeated at Herbsthausen 1645 T Note
Turenne defeats Bavarians at Nördlingen 1645 T Note
Turenne captures Trèves 1645 T Note
French and Swedish army invades Bavaria 1646 T Note
The Elector of Mainz and the Landgrave of Hesse withdraw from the war 1647 T Note
Bavaria and Cologne intervene in the war on behalf of the Emperor 1647 T Note
Turenne defeats the Elector of Bavaria at Zusmarshausen 1648 T Note
The Great Elector invades Prussia to resist a Swedish advance 1655 T Note
The Great Elector is forced to submit to Charles X of Sweden 1655 T Note
Battle of Warsaw in the Great Northern War 1656 T Note

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