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Anti-Russian insurrection in Warsaw 1830 - 1831 T Note
Austria gains Dresden when Frederick II is defeated at Kunersdorf 1759 T Note
Austrian forces occupy Warsaw 1809 - 1809 T Note
Austrian troops take Schweidnitz and blockade Frederick II at Bunzelwitz 1761 T Note
Austrian victory at Hochkirch against Prussia 1758 T Note
Austrians suppress revolt in Cracow 1848 T Note
Baden insurgents capitulate to Prussian troops 1849 T Note
Battle for Warsaw 1914 T Note
Battle of Fraustadt 1706 T Note
Battle of Jassy (Iasi) 1620 T Note
Battle of Klissow 1702 T Note
Battle of Langensalza: Prussians defeat Hanoverian army 1866 T Note
Battle of Mollwitz; Silesia conquered by Frederick II of Prussia 1741 T Note
Battle of Sedan: French defeated 1870 T Note
Battle of Stangebro 1598 T Note
Battle of Steinau 1633 T Note
Battle of the River Niemen 1914 T Note
Battle of Warsaw in the Great Northern War 1656 T Note
Central Powers breakthrough at Gorlice-Tarnow 1915 T Note
Charles X defeats John Casimir of Poland 1655 T Note

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