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A peasants' revolt in Austria is suppressed with great cruelty 1526 T Note
Allied powers land unopposed in Crimea 1854 T Note
Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
Archduke Albert of Austria captures Amiens 1597 T Note
Archduke Leopold of Austria is expelled from Jülich 1610 T Note
Austria declares war against Naples 1815 T Note
Austria defeats Italian uprising 1813 T Note
Austria gains Dresden when Frederick II is defeated at Kunersdorf 1759 T Note
Austria grants amnesty for Hungarian insurgents 1856 T Note
Austria invades Serbia 1914 T Note
Austrian and Bavarian troops occupy Hanau in Hesse-Cassel 1850 T Note
Austrian and Russian troops defeat Turks (2) 1789 T Note
Austrian army is defeated at Guastalla 1734 T Note
Austrian army under Joseph Radetzky is victorious at Custoza 1848 T Note
Austrian forces cross Sardinian frontier 1859 T Note
Austrian forces enter France 1813 T Note
Austrian troops abandon Burgundy 1636 T Note
Austrian troops enter Italian Peninsula to put down revolts 1831 T Note
Austrian troops evacuate Papal States except for Ferrara 1838 T Note
Austrian troops invade Alsace 1744 T Note

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