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Red River War 1874 - 1875 T Note
Rebellion in Cuba leads to deterioration of US-Spanish relations 1875 T Note
Great Sioux War 1876 - 1877 T Note
Battle of Little Bighorn 1876 T Note
Chief Joseph's War 1877 T Note
Federal troops withdraw from the South 1877 T Note
Threat of revolution in Hawaii 1887 T Note
Battle of Wounded Knee 1890 T Note
Spanish-American War 1898 - 1898 T Note
USS Maine Destroyed 1898 T Note
Spanish fleet defeated at Manila Bay in the Philippines 1898 T Note
US naval victory at Santiago 1898 T Note
USA invades Puerto Rico 1898 T Note
US forces capture Manila 1898 T Note
International expedition takes Tientsin 1900 T Note
William McKinley defeats William Jennings Bryan 1900 T Note
Boxers rising in China against Europeans 1900 - 1901 T Note
Botha meets Kitchener at Middelburg 1901 T Note
Cuban rebellion 1906 T Note
Porfirio Diaz resigns presidency of Mexico 1911 T Note

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