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'Iran-Contra' arms revelations 1986 T Note
"Tet Offensive" in Vietnam 1968 T Note
Allied forces land in Sicily 1943 T Note
Allied landing on Italian Peninsula 1943 T Note
American soldiers occupy Vera Cruz 1914 T Note
Bataan Death March begins 1942 T Note
Battle of Carrizal 1916 T Note
Battle of Guadalcanal 1942 - 1943 T Note
Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944 T Note
Battle of Little Bighorn 1876 T Note
Battle of Midway 1942 - 1942 T Note
Battle of the Philippine Sea 1944 T Note
Battle of Wounded Knee 1890 T Note
Botha meets Kitchener at Middelburg 1901 T Note
Boxers rising in China against Europeans 1900 - 1901 T Note
Britain and U.S. guarantee France 1919 T Note
British force lands at Vladivostok 1918 T Note
Chief Joseph's War 1877 T Note
Civil war breaks out in Nicaragua 1979 T
Congress approves war against North Vietnam 1964 T Note

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