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The Counts' War breaks out over succession to Gotland and Helsingborg 1534 T Note
A Danish-Swedish army defeats the troops of Lubeck at Battle of Assens 1535 T Note
Russians invade Livonia in a war of succession 1557 T Note
The Swedes take Estonia 1559 T Note
Eric XIV of Sweden annexes Reval 1561 T Note
Lubeck and Denmark defeat Swedes off Gotland 1564 T Note
Battle of Wenden 1578 T Note
Battle of Stangebro 1598 T Note
The Second False Dmitri defeats Tsar Shuisky 1608 T Note
The War of Kalmer begins between Denmark and Sweden 1611 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden campaigns at Gullberg 1612 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden loses Elfsborg and Gulberg 1612 T Note
Christian IX of Denmark attacks Sweden by sea 1612 T Note
Sweden at war with Denmark 1612 T Note
Swedes defeat Russians at Bronnitsy 1614 T Note
Gustavus II captures Gdov and returns in triumph to Sweden 1614 T Note
Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648 T
War between Sweden and Poland is resumed 1620 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden encourages James I to join the Thirty Years War 1624 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden raises the siege of Danzig 1627 T Note

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